3D Printers 2016 Product Review

3D printers print 3D models through a process referred to as addictive manufacturing (AM). In this process, a computer control is required to lay successive material layers to create a 3D model.

The most commonly used materials include eco-friendly polylactide or polylactic acid (PLA), two plastics and Acylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

However, technology advancements allow almost any material to be used as a printing material. If you are looking for the best 3D printer there are many things you should consider.

For instance, you should decide whether you want a single colour or dual-colour and/or you also need a 3D scanner or not. To help you find the best printing machine for your needs, here are some top models currently available in the market.

AirWolf 3D HD2x

This sleek multi-material 3D printer is designed with prototyping in mind.

The dual-material and colour printing make this model stand out. AirWolf 3D HD2x model comes with a large 11” by 8” by 12” print area – making it a good choice for prototyping.


It also features a semi-closed structure mainly for protecting the plastic during printing process.

For convenience, print files or documents can be directly loaded from an SD, especially for huge printing without using a computer.

This model is an ideal choice for product designers who require a wide print bed as well as choice for material and colour.

MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer (5th Generation)

MakerBot is among the best-known manufacturers of 3D printer models and that’s because of the Replicator.

This model was actually among the first production printers that appeared to look like a full conventional product.

Its consistent print quality, auto-calibration and ease of use features make it an ideal choice.

makerbot 1

Currently on its 5th generation, the huge support community, semi-enclosed enclosure and slick design of the Replicator make this model an excellent choice for high-end home enthusiasts and for individuals in the education market.

Cube-pro Trio 3D Printers

This is the best choice for three-material and three-colour printing.

Basically, most 3D printers for home use are limited to one-colour or two-colour printing, but this model can be able to print three different materials just in one session.


So, if you want to make an enclosed mechanism, this can be useful – ABS can be used for the surround, PLA for support structure and nylon for the gears.

This model is also an ideal choice for engineers and modelers who need to produce 3D prints with various moving parts.

Big Box

The Big-box 3D printer is designed by collaboration between the motion system experts at Little Box and the extrusion experts at the E-3D.

It has a 300mm by 200mm by 280mm build plate that enables larger prints than several other printers do.

3d printers

It’s easy to improve its design if you want to adapt it to your specific needs because it has been designed to be hacked.

The modular design simply means that this printer can be expanded to the needs of specific jobs, control board, upgrade its extrusion system, or even replace certain parts.

It’s one of the currently available most expandable and compatible 3D models.

While there are several other 3D printers out there, the above-discussed ones are the top printer models for 2016.

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Facilities Management and Workplace Strategies

Facilities management and workplace strategies are very important but, the fact cannot be denied that it is very complex in nature. Thus, here are some tips that can help a newly appointed facility manager to take control of the situation and provide the best result:


Get familiar with the lease

No matter what type of building it is, a newly appointed facility manager should, at first, understand if the building is owned or is it leased/sub-leased. In case of a leased workplace, the manager needs to review the lease from the beginning. Understanding and knowing the lease rate, options of renewal and cancellation dates will help the manager by providing a time frame by which the manager can effectively workout the other tasks involved with facilities management.


Get familiar with the workplace’s system

A newly appointed facility manager needs to get familiar and review the maintenance records. Knowing the electrical, HVAC, security and life safety system and other such is very important as it will help the FM manager to correctly come up with the strategies. So, by this the manager can determine how the maintenance program is managed and how it can be improved.

facilities management


Review the drawing

The facility manager definitely needs to confirm the drawing is indeed complete and up-to-date. For an effective facilities management, the manager should verify all dates of the original construction and also any kind of changes made. The manager does have the option to question the design firm/architect that was responsible for preparing the drawing and also overseeing the work, if he/she is having problem in understanding something or there is anything missing/incomplete.



Review the facilities management service contracts

The facility manager needs to inspect the workplace in order to determine how efficient it is. The manager needs to evaluate if the services are correctly provided to the workplace. Hence, reviewing all the contracts is important as well as meeting with the contracted workers. This will allow the manager to figure the capability and need of each type of service contracts and will also help out to improve the planning process.


Get to know the co-worker

By understanding exactly how the core work is done in the workplace the newly appointed manager will be able to carry out the different facilities management activities effectually. As coming up with an effective workplace strategy is dependent on the managers of different departments like human resources, IT, safety and health, finance, security and such others, so the manager should build a good work relationship with them and understand how they carry out their jobs.



Get to know the staff

Determining if there is a sufficient number of staff in the workplace will allows the manager to figure out if the workplace is effective or not. The newly appointed manager should see if the staff is adequately trained and knowledgeable to ensure they are performing their task correctly. They should also check if the staff has the right set of tools and equipments to work effectively.


Check the functionality and safety

The job of the newly appointed facility manager comprises of delving the current state of disaster readiness and business continuity of the business/company for which he/she will be working to make sure everything is in top order. The manager should also evaluate the needs that workers will have during any kind of emergency. The manager should also look into the functionality and safety performance of the equipment, décor and furniture of the workplace. The manager should note if there is any possible violations of security lapses, fire or building codes, accessibility issues, safety and health hazards.



Check the space planning

Reviewing the seat vacancies and seating plan is a part of facilities management that a newly pointed facility manager should look into. Checking the number of moved staff and performance of them each year (annual churn rate) is also important. The manager can also review the level of accuracy and detail of the information in the system if there are employees that take the help of CAFM system. Calculating the changes in the number of staff and how the changes came to be for the past 5-10 years is also important. All these tasks will help a newly appointed facility manager to see if the company/business is decreasing or increasing in size and if there is any chance of a problem arising in the future.

So, these were the top 8 tips for an effective facilities management and workplace strategies that can help out a newly appointed facility manager.

Why fuel prices have dropped

There has been a sudden drop of oil prices due to the effect of supply and demand in the global picture.

The United States was able to find other natural sources of oil, hence reducing the need for oil imports from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria as well as Algerian oil.


The producers of oil are forced to lower their prices, in order to be able to compete in the Asian market. There has been a steady increase in production, not to mention other environment friendly methods that led to other sources of powering vehicles.

Most of the vehicles especially in countries like Europe and other developing countries are becoming energy efficient, resulting to lesser need for oil consumption.

Motorists worldwide are benefiting from the gasoline price drop, other products like heating oil and natural gas prices have also been reduced.

There had also been Western sanctions, that are disrupting the flow of Iranian products inside several countries, but some of these sanctions have been removed leading to more oil supply for the United States, Alask, North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma as well as Louisiana.


The world oil production has increased in 1996, and we are now able to produce 80 million barrels a day, leading to a drop of gas prices.

Since 2010 until 2014, the prices of oil had been stable; it is being sold for $110 a barrel.

But this amount has dropped in 2015, by almost half, the Brent crude oil for example is now below $50 a barrel for the first time since May 2009.

There are now lesser demands for oil, due to a high number of US companies that are able to produce them.

The oil cartel of Opec is also set on not cutting production, as a way to prop up prices.

Russia one of the largest oil producers, has been experiencing the sudden changes in oil prices since their economy remains reliant on energy revenues especially with oil and gas, the country is losing $2bn in revenues for every dollar fall in the oil price.

What Makes Apple (AAPL) the Most Valuable Company

As of the end of April 2015, Apple Inc. (AAPL) Donned a market top of $772.65 billion. The second most valuable company on the planet is no more Exxon Mobil Corp. or Google Inc., which have market tops of $364.53 billion and $383.15 billion, individually. The second most famous company is presently Microsoft Corp., with a market top of $394.03 billion. This is great for Microsoft, however,’s despite everything it not in the same association as Apple. This leads us to two inquiries. How did Apple arrive and would it be able to keep the energy going?



How Apple Got There

The response to this inquiry is disputable. You could say it started with the arrival of Steve Jobs. Others will contend that the company was little contrasted with what it is currently. For instance, Apple’s market top was $300 billion only three years back – not as much as a large portion of the size it is present.

The genuine response to the inquiry is development over the previous decade. It started with the iPod, proceeded with the iPad, then the iPhone, trailed by bigger screen iPhones, and now conceivably the Apple Watch.

Apple has likewise dealt with shareholders with reasonable profits and shares buybacks.

Can Apple Keep it Going?

Apple is at present in the prudent cycle, a term that alludes to a positive example where beneficial arrangement prompts all the more a craved result or another achievement which produces still more coveted results or accomplishments in a chain.

At the end of the day, the length of Apple keeps on developing there will be increased interest in its items and administrations.

This prompts evaluating power, growing overall revenues, enhanced income, and it will drive the stock cost higher while additionally permitting Apple to return capital to shareholders. The endless loop starts with a lost market offer, which then prompts lower costs, the need to lay off workers keeping in mind the end goal to diminish costs, client disappointment, the tackling of obligation, and a loosening up of the stock cost. Luckily Apple is no place close to this stage and on the off chance that it ever arrives, it will take quite a while. It’s more about valuation,

Quality Munster examiner at Piper Jaffray as of late made a decent point. With the end goal, Apple should pick up 1% of a market offer, it must build the income by 5%. Keep in mind, when you’re the one on top, you’re additionally the one with an objective on your back.

Part of the issue identifies with the previous arrangement. So as to fuel sales development, Apple chose to expand advancements for its higher screen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China and India.

This was exceptionally fortunate. iPhone sales in China grew 71% year over year, and they dramatically increased in Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Moving to a bigger screen was an incredible system.

Yes, Apple has increased its buyback to $140 billion from $90 billion and expanded its profit by 11%. The Apple Watch may be the answer, and CEO Tim Cook indicated that early results have been radiant.

In any case, first results will be excellent for any item Apple discharges. The genuine inquiry is regardless of whether that item will go standard.

apple 1

Early reports are that the costly Apple Watch is flawlessly composed however confounded and has a short battery life. If this is precise, numerous buyers will sit tight for the second era when every one of the wrinkles is worked out.

This takes us back to the iPhone. For the time being, Apple ought to keep on commanding. By, it keeps on making the market offer from Google.

In case we’re taking a gander at this from a full-scale viewpoint, it won’t be long until the profoundly imaginative and uber aggressive Google dispatches an item to make offer back. Consider Coca-Cola Co. (KO) and PepsiCo Inc. There are years when one company beats the other, yet it’s a forward and backward pull of war as time goes on.

Tips for Promoting your Real Estate Agency Online

Like every other business, you need to widely market your real estate agency in order to reach a larger number of potential customers. However, every business has its peculiar needs and the nature of marketing each requires is, therefore, unique. As such, this article explores a few tips to help you market your real estate agency. Read on to discover how you can use the internet to promote your business as a realtor.

Real Estate Marketing

1. Focus on the Location

To begin with, you need to remember that real estate business is all about location. The location is important while marketing your real estate agency because any effective digital marketing strategy should be all about location. During the summer of 2014, Google synchronized its web search with location. This means that the current Google search algorithm places greater impact on the location. Therefore, you need to capitalize on this shift as you market you real estate agency online. For instance, you need to include the location among the targeted keywords as you post content for SEO. A good example is the keywords ‘Best Realtors’. Instead of just optimizing these keywords, you should include your location in the keyword phrase to something like ‘Best Realtors New York’ or ‘Best Realtors in New York’. You should, however, acquaint yourself with the new Google Panda regulations to avoid hefty penalties.

2. Be Engaging

Secondly, you should not settle for just a name and a face. Remember that every effective marketing strategy should have some distinctive qualities. This means that you should give your online marketing effort a �voice’. A sound online marketing strategy should be both interactive and engaging. One way of making your marketing as interactive as possible is creating a forum where reviews can be posted and you have the chance to respond to the queries raised by readers. The aim of engaging the audience is to initiate a conversation which you can take advantage of to tell potential clients more about your services.

3. Socialize

Again, many internet users prefer an atmosphere of ease and fun. Research has shown that most users stop reading any content that sounds ‘salesy’ or boring. As such, you first need to socialize before you market your business/services. Take advantage of popular networking such as Facebook, Twitter, Interest, and Instagram as you promote your real estate agency. For example, Instagram is opening up its photo feed for online adverts. This is a great avenue to upload videos, photos, and quick information that can be used to create what online marketing gurus call ‘top of mind awareness’. Grab such opportunities and market your real estate agency as you actively interact with other users.

4. Consult Marketing Pros

Finally, you need to seek the opinion of online marketing gurus as you embark on your internet marketing campaign. Remember that you are a realtor and not a marketing expert. Whether in brick-and-mortar offices or on the internet, you consult experts who specialize in promoting real estate businesses. An example of companies that help realtors market their agencies is Adware.

NB: These are not the only tips to embrace as you promote your real estate agency. They are however meant to give you a good start as you discover more ideas for promoting your services as a realtor.

real estate